• Twinmotion PBR materials basics

    In this video, Jirka will show you how to import external PBR materials to your Twinmotion project. You will also learn how to create metallic materials, transparent materials with an opacity map, and what is the difference between DirectX and OpenGL normal maps.
  • How to use PBR materials | Sketchup + Vray

    In this video, Jirka will show you how to create PBR material in Vray for Sketchup with textures from our library reawote.com
  • Corona + C4D TIPQuick Grass with Hdri and Shadow Catcher

    Quick tip how to use corona shadow catcher for projection of grass from HDRi to the simple plane. It's quite a good approach for the simple static scenes when the effectivity is priority number one.
  • Avoid repetitions in texture tiling - UVW Randomizer

    In this video, we will give you a quick tip on how to avoid texture tiling repetitions. The solution depends on your 3D software - check the links below the video.
  • Recolor the joints with the selection mask

    Sometimes you need a specific color for joints - with a selection mask you can do that!
  • What is opacity map used for in 3D softwares?

    Quick overview about opacity map and its usage.
  • What is Ambient occlusion texture for?

    In this video, you will get basic information about the general usage of the ambient occlusion texture maps.
  • Normal map, bump map and displacement map explained in 4 minutes

    This quick explainer will give you basic knowledge about usage of textures for reproducing surface structure.

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Frequently asked questions

  • I don't see an asset that I need. Can I request digitization?

    Yes, we welcome all suggestions for products you miss in our library. You can write us your request using the GET HELP button below FAQ. We will be happy to contact manufacturers and digitalize requested assets. Just let us know what you need. You can also order our digitization services directly. Hit the DIGITIZATION SERVICES button in the main menu to discover the possibility of custom digitization.
  • Are REAWOTE assets compatible with my rendering application?

    Our assets are prepared for all major 3D applications used for realistic visualizations (See the list below). Materials are prepared for both major PBR workflows, and our models are provided in several generally accepted formats. We did our best to ensure cross software applicability. It is possible that some software will not use the full potential of our materials, and some programs will require slight modification of texture sets. See tutorials in our learning section to find out how to use our assets in your software.
  • Can I use purchased assets after my subscription expires?

    Yes, once you purchase an asset, it is yours, and you can re-download at any time, regardless of your current subscription plan. Your assets are listed under the „My assets“ filter in the left filter column.
  • Can I re-download assets without additional cost, and where can I find them?

    Yes, once you purchase an asset, it is yours, and you can re-download at any time, regardless of your current subscription plan. Your assets are listed under the „My assets“ filter in the left filter column.
  • Can I use REAWOTE assets for commercial purposes?

    Yes, the assets are purchased with a subscription plan or on-demand credit pack that comes with a Commercial License (subscription plans, or credit Packs) and stand to all other Terms and Conditions. You can use REAWOTE assets e.g. for Archviz client renders, marketing images, product visualizations and animations, commercial video game development etc. If the assets can be accessed or extracted from your product, then you must include a text license containing the words “Contains assets from Reawote.com - Assets may not be redistributed”. It is not allowed to use our assets for models and scenes that will be directly sold or redistributed via other platforms or directly to other 3D application users.
  • Is there a Trial plan? How do I download the free textures?

    You can try some of our assets for free! Just register and select the free filter in the left main filter column to browse available assets.
  • What are the differences between the monthly and yearly plans, and what is the number of months for credit rol…

    With an annual plan, you buy all credits for a whole year in advance. We value your commitment and provide you with a 25% discount compared to monthly plans billed every month. The number of months for credit rollover is the expiration time of your credits in months. For example, if you buy a monthly basic subscription plan with three months of a rollover, you can also use your credits purchased in the given month in three following months. Likewise, if you buy an annual basic subscription, you can use your credits three months after the end of the yearly billing period.
  • Can I cancel my subscription, and what happens to my credits when I cancel?

    Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time from your profile – pricing and plans page. Subscriptions will auto-renew until canceled. Your credits will remain during the whole rollover period of the previously activated subscription plan.
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