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ARA Wood

At ARA Wood, we specialize in the production and sale of milling profiles from various non-European wood species. Western. Thanks to having plenty of wood in stock, we can produce custom-made milling profiles in a short time. The main pillars of production include milling profiles, planed cedar boards, squared timber, planks, moldings, floorboards, batten, roof shingles and other cedar lumber products. The perfect smooth surface of cedar lumber is ensured by our own planing mill, which produces custom cedar milling profiles in the highest quality. Redcedar tolerates a wide range of coatings, paints, mordants and natural oils very well. As one of our additional services, we offer the possibility of machine-applied surface treatment of Rubio and PNZ siding wood finishes supplied by us. The advantage of machine application is a uniform layer, which is also given by precise pre-sanding of the surface. We also provide surface treatment by brushing and charring.

ARA Wood